July 7, 2011

Wishing & Waiting

Since being here in Colorado my desire to craft has finally caught up with me! I miss my fabric & yarn so much! This summer has been really fun & we have been spoiled by all the opportunities we have had, but I still miss my crafting.

A few things that I have been wanting to make with the girls in the teen program are: tee shirt necklaces, friendship bracelets, & fun hair flowers. One of the girls here has the cutest etsy site. I definitely want to spend some time with her!

Also, as we are nearing our move to Fayetteville, I get increasingly giddy about having our FIRST apartment! I can hardly wait to decorate & have a place that is only ours! Since we have been married we: lived in a dorm-ish room at the Institute, stayed with the Seilers for a month, & now live at an apartment with my parents. We had a great time living in all those places, but are so anxious to have our OWN place. Can I also tell you how ecstatic we (I) am to finally use my wedding/ kitchen gifts?

But even with the lack of crafting & ability to nest in my own place, I am very content. God is teaching me so much about ministry& teamwork & I am daily seeking sanctification. The Lord is so good!

Thanks for hearing from a piece of my heart!

July 5, 2011

Pictures from colorado

Life is Colorado has been wonderful! I wish I could share in more detail all that has happened but our schedules are crazy!! Here are a few pictures from my phone just to give you a small taste!

Random, yes, but we have had a great time!