August 29, 2014

Ruby Kay visits the Fair

While my parents were in town this past week, we joined them and the Allens for a night at the County Fair. It was Ruby Kay's first official trip to the Fair, and it was so fun to see everything through her eyes. Washington County hosts a good sized fair, and it was especially enjoyable to see all the animals. My parents both grew up participating in 4H, and our little girl may someday too! :)
We took Ruby Kay on the ferris wheel, which was such a nerve-wracking experience! She was pretty fidgety, and couldn't see outside very well. Towards the end of our short ride, I had to hold her tighter because she was getting really restless, which made her fussy. Just one more example of what life is really like with a baby- opposed to what it looks like on the outside. Keeping it real!

August 27, 2014

backyard livin'

During our busy summer of travels, we were able to stay at my in-laws home for a few weeks. I really enjoyed living away from the city, and loved spending time in their huge backyard. They were really sweet to buy Ruby Kay a kiddie pool, and so we often spent the afternoon hours outside playing in the shade. 

One day, I took my camera out and enjoyed taking pictures of their flowers and garden. My in-laws grow an impressive garden every summer, and we enjoyed all our garden-fresh meals during our stay. 
Left to Right: Green Beans, Tomatoes, Jalapenos (farther back), Bell Peppers, and Zucchini.
The tomatoes were not ready during our stay, but we enjoyed watching them grow.
A few Instagrams from our visit too..

August 25, 2014

exploring in tennessee

Earlier this summer, we stopped for lunch in Lynchburg, Tennessee on our way home from Georgia. It was the cutest little town, and we enjoyed the BBQ and a few shops downtown. 
Sweet as a peach. We say it all the time, but we are so thankful for our sweet RK. She has been such a good baby for us, despite our crazy summer travelling all over America!
It took us a while to get a table, but we really enjoyed the food once it was ready! Ben absolutely loves BBQ, and being married to him means that I get to try all different kinds.
Lynchburg is also home to the Jack Daniel's distillery- but I think Ruby Kay might be a little too young for that! :)