June 19, 2013

pregnancy diaries: week 38

How far along: 38 weeks
Total weight gain: ugh, let's not go there...
Maternity clothes: surprisingly, i can still fit into a few tops that are non-maternity- but almost all of my pants are maternity. loving the comfort waist band too. and jersey material skirts.
Sleep: i am now up to 3 bathroom trips each night. a few nights ago i had the most restless sleep due to worrying about my water breaking. aren't i such a first timer? :)
Best moment of this week: completing major progress on the nursery! over the weekend i finished baby seiler's quilt, shelf, crib skirt, and organized all of the baby's things.
Miss anything: my energy! i feel like a slug lately, and miss being active.
Movement: oh yes! the bigger this "little one" gets, the more painful the rib kicks are getting.
Gender: SO excited to find out soon!
Belly button in or out: more poor belly button is 100% an "outie" now.
Wedding rings on or off: pretty much off. they are already a bit tight in the warmer months, and now they are really tight.
Happy or moody most of the time: still pretty happy. this pregnancy has been great so far! i have so much to be thankful for. 
Looking forward to: where to start? meeting our sweet baby, seeing my baby, seeing ben become a dad, naming our baby, cuddles, reading books, and so much more!
Baby is the size of a: watermelon


Samantha Barnes said...

ahhh you are so much bigger than you were a week and a half ago!

Josh said...


I seen today that your last day at Acumen was Friday. Keli mentioned a little bit about what you and Ben's plans were for the future. That's great.

Our birth went really well. We only had a 3 hour labor so we were fortunate there. I have some pictures on facebook if you want to look. Well, pictures of the baby that is... https://www.facebook.com/JoshTParsley

I wish you both the best and pray that everything goes well during your labor and birth.