July 1, 2013

saying goodbye!

this past friday, I completed my last day of work at acumen brands. for the past two years, I have worked in our customer service department, and have had the privilege of seeing our company and department grow unbelievably. starting out, I answered phone calls and emails and as our company grew, I too was able to grow into the training and quality assurance supervisor. leaving is very bittersweet. I am so thrilled to be able to stay at home with our little one, and join my husband in a new occupation (coming soon!)- but leaving this great company is heartbreaking too.

here are a few pictures I took of my "cubicle" when our company moved to our new location this past April.
here is a list of the websites Acumen runs, check them out!
cowboy boots- http://www.countryoutfitter.com/
medical scrubs- http://www.scrubshopper.com/
work wear- http://www.toughweld.com/
luxurious handbags- http://www.mapleandwest.com/

i'm so thankful for these past two years, and am excited to see Acumen grow even more in the upcoming years! my mom is now here, and we are running errands galore in anticipation for this baby's arrival. tomorrow we will be at 40 weeks. can hardly believe it!