July 6, 2013

our local art museum

ben and i finally went to our local art museum- "crystal bridges" and took my mom! after living in northwest arksansas for the past two years, it was really pitiful that we hadn't been before so we were happy to right the wrong. crystal bridges is a local art museum sponsored by the walton family and walmart. the admission is free, and turned out to be a great outing. 
here are a few pictures of my favorite pieces of art!
this man was really creepy until we realized that he wasn't real!
ben with dolly, by andy warhol.
ben's favorite
we are still awaiting the birth of our little one and just completed day #3 of being overdue. this adventure of being "patient" has really been teaching me a lot about my need for control in life. i want so badly to begin this new phase of life, but the Lord's plan is for me to wait. everything is completely ready for this baby, but he/she seems to need to bake for a bit longer.

my dad arrives today, and we are thrilled for the addition of his company. originally, we had thought that this visit would be to meet our baby- but now he will hopefully be able to experience the birth of our little one. our fingers are crossed! :)

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