December 9, 2013

5 months with ruby kay

 to our beloved ruby kay,

what a month it has been! you are growing so much each day- and are no longer our tiny, brand new baby. this past month you have discovered your toys. you move from your back to your tummy like a pro, and are always moving/wiggling. it is so fun to see you grow and develop- and it is all happening so quickly.

you are still a very sweet baby, but are becoming more work the older you get. you are awake for the majority of the day with a few naps (2-3) during the day time. you are the happiest in the morning, and occasionally fusy in the evenings. i keep thinking that you are teething- but so far no teeth yet, just lots of drool.

some sweet things to remember from your fifth month with you are:
-you love to grab our faces and pull our hair as if you are trying to hug our face. it is very sweet but a little painful. :)
-you always want to sit up, and will push back your elbows while laying down or in your bouncy chair.
-you now are scooting everywhere, but typically at angles. you can crawl on your back with your shoulders (a backwards army crawl) which makes us laugh.
-you are back to nursing in the night, but are officially sleeping in your crib in your own room. you are still only fed breastmilk, and we are trying to hold off cereal and solids until you are six months.
-you still are swaddled during the night and at nap times. you sleep so peacefully while swaddled, but soon we will need to transition to sleep sacks.
-you love your "lovie" and like it when we put it next to your check as you fall asleep.
-we are starting to use your binkie just for sleep, but it still soothes you any time of the day.
-you love standing up in your exersaucer and are content in it for a while. you like to find me in the room for affirmation ever so often.
-your favorite toys are sophie the giraffe (teething toy), your crinkle toys, and a plastic ball with holes.
-your personality is starting to show, and i love seeing your emotions. every now and then you make a face that looks like you are very proud of yourself.
-peek a boo is a favorite of yours, and your laughter is so fun for your daddy and i to hear.
-you saw snow for the first time this month, but didn't seem to phased by it. one day we went on a walk with daddy and your cheeks got quite rosy, even though you bundled up tight.
rubes, your daddy and i love you so much. we are so proud to be your parents, and both agree that you have made our lives so fun. we can't wait to see who you grow to be, but are treasuring each day we get to spend with you.

we love you ruby kay seiler!