August 9, 2013

1 month with Ruby Kay

to our sweet ruby kay,

you are officially one month old and have changed our lives. both your daddy & i can't imagine life without you. you are the sweetest baby, and have made our transition into parenthood so easy. you are such a good baby- sleeping 6+ hours through the night (the record has been 9pm-5am), rarely cry, and are almost always happy and content. our love for you grows deeper each day- so much that we can't imagine loving you more. one of the first nights with you was pretty sleepless due to many feedings, but i woke up with a stronger love for you because of sacrificing my sleep for you. it is so humbling to realize how dependent you are on me for food, warmth, and love. i am so thankful that God chose me to be your mama.

already over this short month, you have grown so much. especially in the last week you seem to be changing before our eyes. your growing is bittersweet- i love how interactive with us you are, but don't want you to grow up so fast. everyone says that their kids grow up too fast, so i'm trying to savor each moment i get to spend with you.

some sweet things to remember from our first month with you are:
-how you love to be swaddled, especially at night and how well you sleep when swaddled tight
-how well you sleep when you are close to mama's chest, and how you fall into a deep sleep every time you are in the beco carrier
-how you wiggle your arms and legs as soon as you are free from your swaddle
-your sleepy hints are when your eyes cross, then you smile and then you slowly drift off
-how you hold your head up while i burp you after nursing and our cheeks touch
-how often you have the hiccups and how much your tiny body shakes from them
-how much you love your pacifier
-how you fall asleep every time we put you in your carseat, and almost always stay asleep during our outings
-how well your eyes focus on us when we talk to you
-how you are beginning to smile when we speak to you

your daddy and i love you so much, ruby kay!

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