July 14, 2014

ruby kay's first birthday party

for ruby kay's first birthday, we had a flamingo themed party in the evening to celebrate with friends and family. we reserved a gazebo at a local park in fayetteville, and decorated everything in shades of pink. since we had been travelling for the three weeks leading up to her birthday, we tried to keep everything simple and easy. i tried to take pictures all throughout our day, since both sets of grandparents were out of town.  
we kept the menu simple, since we had an evening party. our guests enjoyed cupcakes, candy, and drinks. ben jumped on opportunity to get his favorite birthday cake oreo's.
i printed off a few favorite instagrams from our year with rk. when i picked them up from walgreens, i almost got teary eyed seeing her transformation in picture form starting as a brand new baby to a walking toddler! the first year really does go by so fast! the first picture of her is still so special to me, because it's the first time i saw what she looked liked while waiting for the nurses to bring her to me after my c-section!
after waiting to find out if ruby kay was a boy or girl until she was born, i thought it might be appropriate to go all out with the pink theme. also, pink decorations are so easy to find!
sisters, but missing one!
i spy a little girl who found the apple juice!
ruby kay's "smash cake" was simple: white cake and frosting with sprinkles. she surprised us all by being polite and slow with her cake. ben and i both expected her to dig right in and make a mess! i guess we might be able to save money on etiquette school in the future. :)
we had such a nice evening celebrating our little girl. we are so proud of her, and are grateful to God for making us her parents. she has taught so much about selflessness and love, and has made our year so sweet. here's to many more with our sweet girl! thanks to everyone who made her day so special too. we are so blessed by our friends and family, and feel so special when people love our little girl!

July 7, 2014

family pictures in georgia

while visiting georgia, my good friend brittany graciously took a few pictures of our family. brittany is self-taught, and has become such a good photographer in her short years with the camera! i love how perfectly she captured RK, and all her little expressions. thank you brittany, for these pictures!

July 6, 2014

a day in nashville

after spending the day in nashville, i'm hooked. it has the perfect blend of local flavor, and still feels like a small town. we stayed in brentwood, and made multiple trips into the city, which only took 15 minutes tops. since we were only in nashville for a short time, we decided to try as many fun restaurants as possible. we did, and our secret was taking it easy on the big meals, and opting for appetizers or sharing meals. 
 we visited the frothy monkey for breakfast, and enjoyed our "julia". ben's grandmothers name is julia, so he was partial to begin with.

 tourists for the day
 after some down town, we ventured out into the city again. the Parthenon was recreated in 1897 for the tennessee centennial exposition in nashville, and is a full-scale replica. our little girl seemed itty bitty next to the huge columns.
downtown nashville was quite fun too. we enjoyed walking up and down broadway, and braved the sidewalks with a stroller. we took a few videos, and hopefully will compile them later.
 mike's ice cream made me miss ruby kay's papa.
the ryman, or "the carnegie hall of the south" was such a beautiful, historic building.
here is a silly video that we made to remember our evening in nashville. enjoy!
nashville, we hope to see you soon!