August 22, 2015

a quilt for our baby girl

Late last night, I finished making a quilt for our second baby girl. It was fun picking out girl fabrics this time around, and I decided to use triangles as a pattern for this one. My goal was to finish this before my third trimester began, and I luckily accomplished that goal. The last quilt I made was for Ruby Kay, and I finished it when I was a lot farther along with her.
This morning I couldn't wait to throw it in the wash, to get a glimpse of the wrinkly and worn look that good quilts have. Pretty soon, our sweet girl will get all kinds of use out of this labor of love, and I can't wait. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to again make a quilt for this baby, since RK has used her so much. Here's to the last three months of carrying this sweet baby before she joins us this November.

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Judy Christian said...

Should have reposted a photo of first one too. I want to be reminded. They will love to keep these as their own someday!