August 18, 2015

garden of the gods and fussy toddlers

This past July, we drove to Colorado for our biennial Staff Conference for Cru. Ben wanted us to drive out a day early to enjoy a few sights before our busy conference began. We had planned to spend our time in Colorado Springs, but our plans ended up taking a slight detour for several reasons.
After spending 9+ hours in the car, we stopped at The Garden of Gods. The views were breathtaking, but Ruby Kay wasn't in the best of moods. All too often, I am convicted about my expectations for her. The poor girl was exhausted and weary from our long day in the car, and didn't enjoy our visit. At first, Ben and I were frustrated with her, and then changed our plans which helped our day get a little better.
Stretching her little legs and graciously pushing the stroller for us.
Despite our day not going as planned, it was still a treat to get to see the unique red rock formations, and briefly learn about the history behind Colorado Springs.

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