September 9, 2013

2 months with ruby kay

to our sweet ruby kay,

can you really be two full months old? so much has changed in the two short months with you as our daughter. at first, our lives felt so chaotic and disorganized: from the lack of sleep, both of us learning how to breastfeed, allowing my body to heal from surgery, and overall adjusting to life as a family of three. we have created our 'new normal' with you, and wouldn't trade it for the world. your addition has been such a compliment to our family, and your daddy even said yesterday that we should have started having babies earlier. watch out for siblings! :)

at your two month checkup, you weighed a healthy 11pds 2oz, and were 22 inches long. your doctor told us that you are a healthy baby, and answered all of our questions with affirmation that everything is going perfectly. we have so much to be thankful for! 

this past month we went on a few out of town trips that have proved you are a great traveler. that must be your mama in you! our destinations included the lake of the ozarks, branson, mimi & papa's house, and eureka springs. luckily, you are a great sleeper in your car seat too making the car rides so enjoyable and stress free.

some sweet things to remember from our second month with you are:
-your cheeks & how they seem to grow each day 
-your sweet, long eyelashes
-how you still love your paci, and suck on it even when you are in a deep sleep
-your deep blue eyes that we can't get enough of
-how you smile & coo at us whenever we talk to you, you just light up whenever we engage with you
-your clenched fists that relax a few minutes into nursing
-how you have slept through the night a few times this past month giving your mama such good sleep
-how you are love contrasting colors- your mobile, the allens bookshelf, razorback parties where everyone wears red 
-how you love to kick & squirm, especially when watching your mobile
-how well you sleep on your tummy (supervised naps only)
-and lastly, how i was able to hold you while watching your sweet niece enter the world- such a sweet memory!
cutie patootie!
we can't get enough of your big blue eyes! (photo credit: my mom)
rubes, we sure love you. thank you for being such a great baby. we love you so much and yet our love grows more and more each day.

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Judy Christian said...

Ah this is so sweet! Makes me want to cry! She is the sweetest little Ruby Kay you could have ever dreamed of! So endearing! I miss her hugs!