September 4, 2013

thoughts on being a mama

we just got home from ruby kay's two month doctor checkup. it was such a good checkup and we left so encouraged that ruby kay is a happy, healthy baby. we have so much to be thankful for. while we were waiting for the nurse to give ruby kay shots, ben and i were looking through all the instagrams i have taken of ruby kay. even though she is still a tiny baby, i can see her growing so much. it makes my mama heart so happy to be with her through all of these changes. even though is sounds cheesy, i really feel like this is what God created me to do. to be a mama. even with all of the challenges of being a mama and selflessly caring for this little girl, i wouldn't trade her for the world. 

i asked my mom to take a few pictures of me with ruby kay to remember what we looked like together at this phase. when i am at home all day long i typically don't dress up, so we took these after an outing a few weeks ago. my current wardrobe is typically running shorts, a tank top, and a messy bun. why get all ready when my hair will either be pulled out by baby fingers or pasted in spit up? :)
it's also fun to remember where we brought ruby kay home--- to our sweet, little apartment #7. i love our sweet humble life, and can't wait to look back on this season of life with fondness at our simplicity. 
ruby kay, i sure love being your mama. you are such a joy to be around, and my love for you grows more an more each day. thanks for letting me love you!

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