September 5, 2013

goodbye to nina

today is a sad day. today my mom left for thailand after being in america for the summer. goodbyes are normal for our family, but never get easy. we have been blessed to see our parents often on their visits back to america, but life still isn't the same when your parent's permanent residence is halfway around the world. 

for the month of august, my mom was here in northwest arkansas awaiting the birth of my sisters baby, and then stayed to help them adjust to life with their sweet ellanora. since my sister and i live in the same apartment complex, and in the same building as us, ruby kay's nina was still very close by. even though she has been here for my sister, i still got to enjoy my mama since we live so close. 

i wrote my mom a thank you note for all her help with becoming a mama myself, and found myself in tears when i thanked her for becoming my friend. it is such a sweet transition becoming a mama, because i think that is when your mom becomes more of a friend and encourager than a mom. i will forever treasure the week i went overdue with ruby kay, because it was such a great time with my mom. we had fun outings everyday alongwith long walks and overall great conversation. 
mom, i love you so much and am so thankful for you. you are such a sweet nina to ruby kay, and we already miss you like crazy. thank you for being so great and for spending so much time with us.

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