March 30, 2011

"Healing is in your hands"

A sweet friend from the institute spoke last night at K-life from Ephesians 3 about the incomparable love of Christ. She did such a great job explaining the magnitude of Christ's love for us & it was such a great reminder to me.

Liz played this beautiful song for us & I wanted to share it with you!
"Christy Nockels and Passion Band - Healing Is In Your Hands" on YouTube

I love the solid lyrics of praise to our incomprehensible God!

March 29, 2011

Wooden Spools

I just love looking at etsy. It is such a creative place and my mood is most always lifted after browsing all the creativity.
Today I found these two photographs of wooden spools of thread. I love these photos because they remind me of a simpler pace of life. A time where wooden spools were in their prime, creating and mending. I have found myself lately wishing that my grandmothers were still alive so that I could spend time with them. In my current phase off life with big decisions and changes I wish I could gleam some wisdom from Grandma Marge & Grandma Lola. Thankfully I can remember their sweet examples of selflessly serving so many members of their families. I hope that someday my grandchildren will see me in the same nostalgic way.
Here is the etsy site:

March 28, 2011

girls weekend: food, friends, & board games!

 What a great weekend! A few of us girls from the Institute took the weekend off & went to the Lake of the Ozarks! It was so relaxing to be away from Branson, & so fun to get to know some amazing girls better. Sweet Andrea opened up her grandmother's lake house to us all & we are so thankful.

It also worked out perfectly with Ben, because he was in Memphis for the weekend with some of his good friends. It was fun missing him!

The weather was the only downfall of the weekend. This whole past week was sunny & warm in Branson, so we were all bummed at the dreary 30s & 40s that welcomed us. Here was our view from the house:
Then.... it began to SNOW! I tried so hard to capture the intense snow session. Snow flakes just don't show up so well with my camera. 
Of course we had to play Settlers of Catan, and even played "The Game of Things" later after dinner. I just love board games: inexpensive, endless amounts of fun & memories. 
 Here is the snow update later in the afternoon, brrr!
 Chef Andrea made the greatest pasta for us. Loved the shrimpn& her grandma's angel noodles! :)
 The next morning we made a full-blown breakfast feast: pancakes, pineapple, bacon, coffee, and orange juice.
Here is all of us in our "lazy sunday" loveliness. 
Such a great weekend! Thanks girls for the memories!

March 24, 2011

headbands from Thailand

 Don't you just LOVE these headbands?
They are so colorful and are the most perfect headbands: they don't hurt your head & they hold your hair back so well! LOVE them so much

In a previous post I used them in a fun craft project. I am so thankful for my sweet Mother who brought back forty headbands for my sisters & I. Gifts are totally my love language :)

Since I had so many I decided to sell some to girls at the Institute for support money. I dig the fact that so many ladies have been styling them to class this week!

Thanks girls for your support! Love you!

March 23, 2011

"nina" skirt project

 Hey friends! I wanted to share with you the beginning of a new season for me! Sewing Season! I finally decided to pull out my sewing machine after my hands could knit no longer. I am totally a seasonal crafter: knitting when its cold, & sewing when its warm!

So... Here is the story behind my latest project. My wonderful Mother loves to bring back gifts for her grandchildren, and one of their favorites is what they called "Nina" skirts (instead of Grandma, they call her Nina). So, this trip my Mom brought back an adult sized skirt & it landed with me! Yipee!

The only problem was that the skirt fell at a realllllllyyyy awkward length, so I decided to cut & hem it. Enjoy the pictures from my attempts at being a "seamstress".
Love the feeling of sewing again! And love sewing with such fun, floral prints :) You know me & florals... 
 A little tricky & a little rough but I attempted to alter the liner on the underside.... So glad my flaws are hidden!
Finished hem :)
Here is the result! I wore this little dandy to class today & was told that it was a. so girly b. very spring. I just wish that I could wear it with my sweet neices! 

March 22, 2011

apple granola choc-chip peanut butter sandwich

This looks so tasty!
I saw it on a friend of a friend's blog

Apologetics at the Institute

This week we are learning about Apologetics here at the Kanakuk Institute. Patrick Zukeran, is here from Probe Ministries teaching us. It has already been such a great week & I have been challenged to share my faith in practical ways to those who share a different worldview than I do.

Pat told us that the majority of our generation views truth as being relative. Such a scary thought. Christianity teaches that truth is an ABSOLUTE. An absolute truth is for all people, all places, and true at all times. I love the unwavering truth that we have in Jesus Christ!

Pat gave us three reasons for our need of apologetics:
1: The Bible commands it.
2: Reason calls for it.
3: Faith is strengthened by it.
4: The unbelieving world demands it.

Praying that the Lord will help me be more bold in my faith!

March 20, 2011

a few of my favorite things.

Here are some recent things that makes my heart beat.

CHALK BOARDS: Ben & I still have some leftover from the wedding & love using them. They are such a great way to write a quick note on your way out the door, or to add beauty to our small room.
STAYING ORGANIZED: yes, please! I fractionally inherited some of my Mom's talent in organization. I love coming back to our room when the bed is made & things are where they belong. Love this unique way of organizing office supplies.
RECIPES: A few days ago I browsed through one of the cookbooks that my Mother complied for one of my bridal showers. It was such a joy to see each recipe that family members crontributed, knowing that each was the result of many labors of love. I am so looking forward to this fall when (crossing my fingers) I will have the opportunity to be able to USE all of my wedding kitchen gifts & make food for our family of two. Love this funky recipe box from FreestyleGifts on etsy. Oh, etsy...
FLORAL PRINTS: Something deep inside of me has fallen in LOVE with floral prints. I really enjoy being a girl, and love wearing, drawing, & (hopefully someday) growing flowers. It would be a dream to take a class on flower arranging someday. If your reading this Ben, that would be a great birthday present in the next couple of years :)
How lovely are these spring poppies? I am such a grandma...
CALLIGRAPHY: I have always loved handwriting, even as a young girl I remember trying to perfect my handwriting with new swirls and techniques. I am horrible at cursive, and wish with all my heart that I could write like a calligrapherist (how do you spell that?). This blog is my fav, fav, fav!
Thanks for hearing about some of my favorite things! (Sooooo cheesy, but LOVE sound of music & Julie Andrews!)

March 19, 2011

Tervis, my love.


Words cannot express how much I dig drinking out of this little dandy. Thanks so much MADISON & EVAN for the cup & MOMMA for the lid.

Go get one!

March 17, 2011


Love these sweet pictures that my Mom posted of baby Nathan on her blog ( Such a precious baby boy!

March 16, 2011

ladies night!

Last night, some of us Institute girlies got together for a GIRLS NIGHT! The evening started at Olive Garden and ended at my dear friend, Lauren's house. She made the greatest desserts: chocolate pudding cake, strawberry cupcakes, & my favorite (pictured below) lemon tarts with raspberry filling.
After eating, we had some craft time. Love all of LK's fun buttons!
The project that I chose to do was this fabric flower. It was really easy to make & I'm pumped about the results!
 These headbands are my absolute FAVORITE! My Mom found them at the walking street in Thailand, and I have been hooked on them ever since. I decided to attach the flower to my headband & with the help of a sweet friend made a way to slide the flower on & off the headband!
 The turnout! -As a side note, can you agree with me that Spring cannot come soon enough (my skin coloring...)?
The other favorite of the night were these rolled flowers. SO cute!
It was the greatest evening: crafts, food, & sweet friends!

March 14, 2011

Thoughts about my life & family

WHAT a weekend!

Driving home last night from Fayetteville, Arkansas, I had some time to ponder my weekend with my family. I had such a great time with my mom and sister & saying goodbye (as usual) was such a bummer.

Being a missionaries kid (or just mk) provides an unusual life for me and my three sisters. I am convinced that we are the closest family, even though we live everywhere: Thailand, California, Arkansas, and Missouri.

On Sunday afternoon Mom, Marisa, & I went shopping together and had a great time bonding, the GIRL way. I loved our sweet time together and treasure them both.

Looking forward to the next time our WHOLE family is together, especially with all the new additions!

March 12, 2011

princess summer & her princess party!

Summer's 5th birthday party was a magical success. She requested a PRINCESS party & her momma & nina went all out. It was so fun to arrive just in time to help tie up loose ends & get the birthday princess all curled, dressed & crowned.

Summer is such a great little/big girl & I LOVE being her Aunt Jen!

Here is a "station" that the little princesses could be pampered at. 

Here are the adorable party favors that Marisa & Mom fashioned together.

I was in charge of the "Nail" station & LOVED painting so many tiny nails. The major trend right now for young princesses is rainbow colors & of course pink & purple.

Summer in all her princess glory!

Everyone LOVED how the cake turned out. SO perfect!

I just LOVE these trips down to Arkansas. I truly have the greatest family in the world!

yeah, bobcats!

Ben & I had a blast last night at College of the Ozark's basketball game. It was so fun to travel to CofO and reunite with so many college friends. Even though we live in the same town as our alma mater, the Institute keeps us busy & we rarely visit. 

The gymnasium was packed & full of energy- so fun to be a part of such an intense game! Our school played the top team in the division and brought the heat!

And... we won! The last few minutes of the game were unbeatable with great free throws & a sweet dunk. 

Proud of our BOBCATS :)

March 6, 2011

homemade hair clips

It seems like every time I come down to Fayetteville, I always end up making something crafty for the Foltz kiddos. This time, I made these ribbon/button clips. 

 They were so easy and fun, and the glue gun and I are still friends. The red one below is my favorite!

I think I might even sneak one for myself!

little gypsy

Yesterday Hayley decided to dress herself in... her favorite clothes! I love her eclectic fashion choices and I love her monkey-in-a-plastic bag trend.  

She really is the cutest thing, and is even cuter when her Mommy dresses her! 

March 5, 2011

snapshots of life here at the foltzs...

Here are some more snapshots of what our week has been like.

There is no Chic Fil-A in Branson, so we LOVE frequenting them whenever we travel!

Here is an adorable picture of Ben & Collin doing homework together after we arrived Monday. Too precious!

Collin is growing up into quite the stud. He is super fast on this razor that his Uncle Michael got for him.

This picture is from my phone & it is my FAV of Hayley- so excited to be a BIG sister!

The girls asked me to take a picture of them- I think they were tired of everyone taking so many pictures of the newest Foltz!

Today Mom, Hayley & I are going on an outing to Sams Club- Mom is rewarding me for a challenge she gave me! So excited!!!