March 22, 2011

Apologetics at the Institute

This week we are learning about Apologetics here at the Kanakuk Institute. Patrick Zukeran, is here from Probe Ministries teaching us. It has already been such a great week & I have been challenged to share my faith in practical ways to those who share a different worldview than I do.

Pat told us that the majority of our generation views truth as being relative. Such a scary thought. Christianity teaches that truth is an ABSOLUTE. An absolute truth is for all people, all places, and true at all times. I love the unwavering truth that we have in Jesus Christ!

Pat gave us three reasons for our need of apologetics:
1: The Bible commands it.
2: Reason calls for it.
3: Faith is strengthened by it.
4: The unbelieving world demands it.

Praying that the Lord will help me be more bold in my faith!

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