March 4, 2017

Visiting Daddy's Duck Spot

After months of cold, we all have felt the urge to get outside and spend time outdoors. Having small children with on and off again sickness, we spent the majority of our December, January, and February months inside our home. Ben and I decided it would be fun to take a hike to his hunting spot to stretch our legs and explore nature. We drove out of town a few miles, and headed west to Lake Carl Blackwell.
Ruby Kay did a great time walking through the tall grass and navigating the rocks and mud. She enjoyed collecting seashells and throwing rocks into the lake. At three and a half, she is growing to be so big and needs our help less and less. Kennedy has changed so much since last spring. Walking, jabbering and also growing in her independence. She was content to be carried the majority of the time but really enjoying exploring as well. It was neat to see where Ben has spent his time Duck Hunting this past winter and experiencing a little of what he enjoys.
We all had a good time together, and are ready for the coming of warmer weather so we can spend even more time outside.

February 17, 2017

A Cousin Tea Party

A few weekends ago we had very special visitors in our house. My sister's family stopped through on their way from California to Florida. While the little sisters were sleeping, Bethany and I had a tea party for Ellanora and Ruby Kay. The enjoyed orange juice in their tea cups, and practiced eating daintily with their cookies and fruit. These girls quite enjoy having tea parties and their Mama's enjoy spoiling them!

Making Sticky Rice

A few weeks ago my little helper learned how to make stick rice with me. Ruby Kay loves to help me in the kitchen, and is always ready to stir, pour, and whatever else I need help with. Even though she is young, I can see parts of her personality shining through. She is gentle and kind, and I cannot wait to see the woman she will become one day.

On a side note, Stick Rice is really easy to make. You soak the rice for hours before you add them to a steamer basket. It pairs well with Rotisserie chicken and Som Tam, which is one of my most missed dishes from Thailand.

January 7, 2017

Snow Day in Stillwater

The day after we came home from Winter Conference, we were greeted by a light snow dusting in the morning. Ruby Kay was so excited to run outside and make a snow angel and throw snow balls at her Daddy. Kennedy was a little less excited, mostly because of all the layers we clothed her in. Our little michelin man toddled around taking a few steps, tripping, and then trying to stand back up. Ruby Kay fared well in the snow despite her lack of real snow clothes. Here in Oklahoma we don't see snow too often, so we haven't invested in good snow clothes yet.

The rest of the day we enjoyed staying warm inside, and a yummy white chicken chili. It has been so nice to recover after our busy time in Texas.