February 6, 2016

sisters, vol 1

My, what sweet girls these two are! I know it is so clique to say, but I love to see their bond forming. If there love for each other now is any indication of the future, these two will be the best of friends. Since before Kennedy was born, Ruby Kay loved babies and was so excited to have one in our family. Since her arrival Ruby Kay just loves Kennedy. It is especially sweet to see Kennedy interact with her big sister as she gets older. Although she is still young, she smiles and watches Ruby Kay so intently.

This afternoon, Ruby Kay followed me around the house with her baby doll copying whatever I did with her "Baby Kennedy" as she called her. She swaddled her baby, rocked her to sleep, changed her diaper, and even nursed her baby! What a sweetheart. I can hardly wait to see these two as time goes on.


Kate @ DCL said...
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Kate @ DCL said...

So sweet! It's definitely fun to watch your kids start to form relationships with each other :)