February 4, 2016

a daddy's love

We are now back from the beach, and settling into life here at home. We had a great 2.5 weeks in at the beach in Florida.We really enjoyed taking our class with Cru and learning more about our Christian theology, and the God we serve. Working for a company that values our personal spiritual growth is so great!

One of my favorite parts of our vacation was taking a step back to watch how Ben loves our girls. The past few months have been hectic with travelling for work and the holidays, so our time in Daytona was a good time to slow down and enjoy time together as a family. After all, we are still adjusting to being a family of four. Ben took Ruby Kay down to the beach every day that it was warm enough, and would play with her for hours. She absolutely loved spending time with her Daddy. Ben also got a lot of "Kennedy time" since we both took the class and each needed time to study. I am so grateful for Ben and his love for our girls. They are lucky to have such a great Daddy!

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