August 22, 2015

a quilt for our baby girl

Late last night, I finished making a quilt for our second baby girl. It was fun picking out girl fabrics this time around, and I decided to use triangles as a pattern for this one. My goal was to finish this before my third trimester began, and I luckily accomplished that goal. The last quilt I made was for Ruby Kay, and I finished it when I was a lot farther along with her.
This morning I couldn't wait to throw it in the wash, to get a glimpse of the wrinkly and worn look that good quilts have. Pretty soon, our sweet girl will get all kinds of use out of this labor of love, and I can't wait. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to again make a quilt for this baby, since RK has used her so much. Here's to the last three months of carrying this sweet baby before she joins us this November.

August 18, 2015

garden of the gods and fussy toddlers

This past July, we drove to Colorado for our biennial Staff Conference for Cru. Ben wanted us to drive out a day early to enjoy a few sights before our busy conference began. We had planned to spend our time in Colorado Springs, but our plans ended up taking a slight detour for several reasons.
After spending 9+ hours in the car, we stopped at The Garden of Gods. The views were breathtaking, but Ruby Kay wasn't in the best of moods. All too often, I am convicted about my expectations for her. The poor girl was exhausted and weary from our long day in the car, and didn't enjoy our visit. At first, Ben and I were frustrated with her, and then changed our plans which helped our day get a little better.
Stretching her little legs and graciously pushing the stroller for us.
Despite our day not going as planned, it was still a treat to get to see the unique red rock formations, and briefly learn about the history behind Colorado Springs.

August 16, 2015

ruby kay's 2nd birthday!

Our sweet Ruby Kay is two! After only being in our home for a week, we greeted her with a few presents in the morning, and then drove to the OKC Zoo for the day.
 Daddy took RK on the carousel ride, and she beamed the entire time.
Aunt Lori was able to enjoy the Zoo with us, before she flew out to Colorado the next day. Aunt "Lo" can make RK giggle so loud, just by making silly faces at her. She is lucky to have such a great Auntie!
We had such a fun day celebrating our sweet two year old. She is such a joyful addition to our lives, and we are so grateful God chose us to be her parents!

August 14, 2015

watermelon bash at okstate

It is so good to finally be in Stillwater, Oklahoma! A few nights ago, our Cru staff team hosted a "Watermelon Bash", where we invited Freshman to get involved in Bible Studies. While there, we enjoyed cold watermelon and games on the lawn. Ruby Kay made an appearance, and ate her weight in Watermelon slices. I counted at least 4 pieces that she claimed and completely ate.
We are loving our time on campus, and can't wait for the year to unfold. Our fall semester begins with lots of events, and carries into our Fall Retreat and Winter Conference. We are so excited to reach this Freshman class for Christ, and encourage them to get plugged into good community within our ministry. I can still remember being so nervous meeting people my Freshman year, and know the importance of finding good friends to live life alongside of. Be praying with us for open hearts and good connections!

August 12, 2015

baby seiler #2 is a...

During the last week in July, my entire family spent a week together in Hot Springs, AR. Since we decided to find out the gender our second baby, we decided to keep the news a secret for a few weeks after we found out, to do a big reveal with my family. The reveal included bottles of silly string.

I made a video of the kids guesses, and the big reveal. here is a link to the video on vimeo:
Each person wrote their name in the color chalk that they thought the gender would be. It seemed evenly split between the boy and girl guesses.
Our decision to do silly string for the reveal was partially motivated by this little boy and his siblings. From the playback on the video, it looks like they had a blast with it!
We are so excited to welcome another sweet girl into our family, and can't wait to see Ruby Kay be a big sister. This pregnancy has been great so far, and I am looking forward to our future with two girls. Especially since I love my three sisters, I am so excited for RK to experience the sisterhood bond. November can't come soon enough!