June 16, 2013

making baby seiler a quilt {pt. 2}

guess what is finally finished?  baby seiler's quilt! 
this is a HUGE relief & ended up being fun and easy the whole way through. the hardest part was setting aside a chunk of time to work on it. oh, and getting up and down from the floor to the sewing table at 37 weeks pregnant. i never knew sewing could be such a great workout! 

the first thing i did to celebrate the completion of this project was to wash and dry it! there is nothing greater than a clean and warm quilt. 
without further ado:
and the back:
it was hard to get a picture of the whole quilt!
and lastly here is a sneak preview of the quilt on the crib! i had the hardest time trying to find a crib skirt, and finally decided to make my own!
it has always been a dream to make a quilt for my baby, and to have it made (and washed!) before this little one comes is so exciting!

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