June 4, 2013

pregnancy diaries: week 36

How far along: 36 weeks
Maternity clothes: oh yes!
Sleep: lately not so good- i'm pretty consistent with 1-2 bathroom trips each night, and have been getting a taste of insomnia. i guess my body is preparing for sleepless nights ahead.
Best moment of this week: seeing our little one at our ultrasound today! baby seiler was so much bigger than our 20 week ultrasound, and is looking more and more like a baby. especially since he/she is almost 6 pounds!
Miss anything: a flat tummy! painting my toes, tying my shoes, bending over, and standing up are all quite the challenge these days with my growing tummy.
Movement: oh yes! baby s is loving kicking me in the ribs lately. but just on my right side.
Gender: excited to find out in July! (and maybe even sooner!)
Labor signs: nothing yet- but starting to feel braxton-hicks.
Belly button in or out: out!
Wedding rings on or off: still on 
Happy or moody most of the time: i've been fairly happy lately, but am starting to get a bit more tired lately.
Looking forward to: seeing our baby for the first time. oh, and finding out if they are a boy or girl. oh, and sharing our baby name! so much in our near future!!
Baby is the size of a: large canteloupe

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