June 9, 2013

memorial weekend camping trip

ben's family has a tradition that they camp together every year for memorial weekend. it is a fun time to get together to relax, play, and eat! it has been fun "tagging along" the past few years, and is really starting to feel like a tradition.

on saturday night, we all got together to assemble kabobs (the girls) and to grill them (the boys). the toppings were numerous and our bellies satisfied after the feast.
 one morning, ben and i went on a short hike to see the lake from a lookout point. it was glorious!
playing at the lake was my favorite part of our weekend. we had a whole young life camp to ourselves, so we got to enjoy kayaks, paddle boats, rafts, and a big blue foam sheet. we all hung out on the dock, but took turns going out on the lake. the water was still a bit chilly, but luckily it was hot and sunny- so the water was enjoyable.
 i thought ben was going to flip me...
 before we left to travel home, i saw the three seiler boys together and got to take their picture.
thanks for a great weekend, ellison family- it is always a treat to spend time with you! looking forward to next year!

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