June 14, 2013

the foltz's send off

the foltz's will be moving back to thailand this fall with CRU! although we are so sad that they are leaving, we are thrilled for this new season of life for them. after a few years of marriage- they moved to thailand with CRU for two years. then they came back to the states to serve on a US campus- at the University of Arkansas, and have been here for the past 6 years. now they are moving back and hoping to minister on the college campuses in thailand, and also to the CRU staff there.

their church hosted a send off prayer for them, and our WHOLE family was able to attend in support of them.
these two...
 these next two make me laugh- we have a little creeper join our picture...
 after church we all grabbed a quick lunch at sonic. i love our crazy, chaotic family. dynamics will again change with the addition of two more little ones!

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