August 12, 2015

baby seiler #2 is a...

During the last week in July, my entire family spent a week together in Hot Springs, AR. Since we decided to find out the gender our second baby, we decided to keep the news a secret for a few weeks after we found out, to do a big reveal with my family. The reveal included bottles of silly string.

I made a video of the kids guesses, and the big reveal. here is a link to the video on vimeo:
Each person wrote their name in the color chalk that they thought the gender would be. It seemed evenly split between the boy and girl guesses.
Our decision to do silly string for the reveal was partially motivated by this little boy and his siblings. From the playback on the video, it looks like they had a blast with it!
We are so excited to welcome another sweet girl into our family, and can't wait to see Ruby Kay be a big sister. This pregnancy has been great so far, and I am looking forward to our future with two girls. Especially since I love my three sisters, I am so excited for RK to experience the sisterhood bond. November can't come soon enough!

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