February 19, 2013

pregnancy diaries: week 20

How far along: 20 weeks, aka HALF-WAY!!
Total weight gain: my Doctor told me I have gained 5 pounds so far. I guess I am on track for a pound a week until baby comes!
Maternity clothes: Still regular clothes but starting to stay away from a few shirts. Tight= not comfortable these days.
 Sleep: going to the bathroom quite frequently in the night lately. I used to sleep like a rock!
 Best moment of this week: Seeing our Little One at our twenty week ultrasound! Baby is healthy and progressing perfectly. We now have a DVD of our baby, which has been fun to re-watch. We have decided to not find out the gender of our Little One which has been such a blast so far. My laid back side is really coming out! 
Movement: Yes! I have been really enjoying feeling he/she move around. It's starting to feel normal, which is so cool. I can't imagine what it will feel like a few months from now. Still waiting for Ben to be able to feel the kicks. 
Food cravings: similar to last week,  but this time it is the Peanut Butter Arsagachino. yum.
Have you started to show yet: Still not obviously pregnant to others, but we are getting there!
Gender: excited to find out in July! 
Looking forward to: my glucose test next month. Just Kidding!
Baby is the size of a: Banana