February 16, 2013

our valentines day

happy belated valentines day! 

we had such a great valentines day this year- nothing extravagant, but filled with hearts and love. valentines day is such a fun holiday! at work it was so sweet to see all the candy and flower deliveries from boyfriends, parents, dads, and husbands. ben actually surprised me with a dancing hippo and flowers when I arrived at my desk. 
Free Printable done with the littles from http://www.gerberadesigns.com/triedandtrue/?p=3151
when we celebrated Lori's birthday back in january, we each made valentines garlands. I decided to add embroidered hearts spelling out L-O-V-E to mine.
we still had our sisters lunch, but decided to have a mini-valentines party complete with a DIY valentines themed gift exchange. my contribution was a small bag of homemade strawberry cookies. 

that night, Ben and I enjoyed dinner out just us two where we had great conversation, and maybe even started talking about baby names. we have got a important job ahead of us! we ended up watching a movie at home afterwards together which was perfect for our busy week. 

I hope that your Valentines was sweet and special!