February 26, 2013

pregnancy diaries: week 21

How far along: 21 weeks
Maternity clothes: Still regular clothes but enjoying any opportunity for sweat pants.
Sleep: I'm still pretty normal on this one. Although those body pillows are starting to look more comfortable!
Best moment of this week: While shipping in Tulsa for my sister, Bethany's birthday, I was holding open the door as we were walking out, and a older lady said, "Thanks for holding the door open, Mama to be!". This was the first time a stranger noticed I was pregnant!
Movement:  Little One is sure active- it is so fun to feel him/her wiggling around.
Have you started to show yet: It sure feels like it... especially I wear a tighter shirt with a belt, it is really noticeable. 
Gender: excited to find out in July!
Looking forward to: Warmer weather! I am getting tired of layers and jeans, jeans, jeans!
Baby is the size of a: Spaghetti Squash