March 1, 2013

an eventful trip to tulsa

this past weekend, we celebrated my sister's birthday with a trip to tulsa, oklahoma. it was such a great time spending time with two out of my three sisters, and our husbands. we left home around 10, and arrived in Tulsa in time for lunch.
one of our favorite tulsa restaurants is CHUYS, home of great tex-mex. our trip marked my third trip there, first our sisters trip, and then my birthday trip with ben. the thing about Tulsa is- it's not the biggest or fanciest town, it's just fun to travel to a bigger city with restuarants and stores that we don't have in nwa. my sister, bethany, is also expecting, so we both were looking forward to a better maternity selection. below is the birthday girl, bethany!
somehow we took a lot of pictures with ben, lori, and I- and ben of course kept making jokes about us being sister wives... oh my!

we spent the entire day shopping (at least our poor boys had each other), and ended the night with the birthday girls request- the cheesecake factory. after a very filling meal, we decided to call it a night- or so we thought...
about 30 minutes outside of tulsa, our car had a flat tire. with no spare. yuck.
after many calls to aaa, we decided that a tow truck back home was not an option for our party of five, since most tows can only carry two. we decided to call bethany's old high school friend, who miraculously hosted us at her house, while we were waiting for the tire shop to open. it was such a blessing to have a home to stay in, rather than cramming into a cheap hotel. missionary kids are truly the best, especially since we hadn't seen our friend in ten years! thanks hannah!
the next morning we were safely on our way home after our unexpected night in tulsa. what a trip!