March 7, 2013

it's a girl!

this past week, the allens got our whole family together to reveal the gender of their baby! since my parents live overseas in Thailand, and michael's parents live in california- we had skype going from two different computers! there were lots of fun details involved with the big reveal, which bethany put together on her own. we were instructed to wear pink or blue, depending on what we thought their baby was. the majority of us wore pink, which turned out to be correct! 

auntie lori surprised the allens with a sweet gift. 
bethany went through a list of "old wives tales" to see if they were correct or not- surprisingly the majority indicated their baby is a girl.
cutting the cake to see the big reveal... it's a GIRL!
we had such a great time celebrating this baby girl, and are so excited to meet her in august. thanks michael and bethany for letting us celebrate with you!