March 2, 2013

collin's 2nd grade program

 this past week, ben, summer & I were able to take collin to his 2nd grade program. we felt a little silly amongst all the picture taking parents, but realized that this will someday be us too. collin did a great job singing and doing the hand motions, and even had a very special speaking line. we were very proud to be his aunt and uncle!
we decided to celebrate collin's spectacular performance with a trip to our favorite, chick fil-a! the kids had ice cream cones, and the big kids had milkshakes. if you have read any of my pregnancy diaries, you will know that milkshakes seem to be a reoccurring craving! I don't think that anything can taste much better than a strawberry milkshake, with a cherry on the top.
thanks jon and marisa for letting us steal your kids for the evening, we had a blast!