March 30, 2013

food, friends, & a chick flick

last night, i got together with some good friends for dinner and a movie. our husbands are all camping this weekend, and doing man things- so we decided to have a ladies night. [[side note: i asked ben what food they were going to bring, and he said deer meat. as in just deer meat. oh, boys!]] 

one of ben & i's favorite restaurants in fayetteville is burger life, and it was so fun all meeting there for dinner. at burger life, they give you menus & markers to choose what you want on your burger. my burger was pretty plain this time, but i added avocado slices and sweet potato fries on the side. so good.
 afterwards, the girls came over to our apartment and we all watched a good "girl" movie- pride and prejudice. we basically talked the entire way through the movie, which was fun since our husbands weren't there. all our husbands are "anti-talking" during movies so we really lived it up while they were gone. 

thanks for a great night, girls!