March 9, 2013

"ho-seys" & the dixie stampede

yesterday we joined the allens, marisa & kids for a trip to branson to see the dixie stampede. ben's parents school was hosting a fund raiser, and ben was kind enough to invite our whole family to the big event. we left right after work, and headed straight to ben & i's college town. we have so many memories from branson, and it was fun reliving them on our short trip.
dixie is family friendly to the core, and was such a treat for the kids. i think i had more fun watching the little ones enjoy the experience, rather than even watching it on my own. although i will be honest, the food at dixie is so delicious. vegetable soup, cheddar biscuit, a whole (small) chicken, baked potato, pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, and a apple turnover. by the end of the meal, i was a little stuffed.
little nathan was trying to be brave in front of the big horses, or "ho-seys" according to him.
here is ben & hayley in the pre-show. i wasn't sure if we were allowed to have our cameras out in the show, so i didn't get any pictures once inside the show.
overall, it was a great night. hayley even said to marisa afterwards, "mommy, can we come back and go to the show again?" i'm right there with her!