March 4, 2013

nathan turns two!

this past weekend, we celebrated nathan's golden birthday. he turned 2 on march 2nd!
we went over for a family dinner at the foltz's, and had a great night celebrating nathan. his momma, marisa, made an incredible race track cake- which was perfect for nathan. he is "all boy" and loves cars with a passion.
this last picture still makes me laugh. nathan loves lining up his cars, and i wanted to take a picture of the cars ben & i gave to him- but he would not let me. after several failed attempts at taking the picture, nathan eventually won, as you can tell!
nathan, you are such a joy to be around. you are so sweet and cuddly, yet playful and always on the run. from one youngest child to another, hang in there. sometimes the bigger kids may leave you out, but in a few years age won't matter and you brother and sisters will soon recognize how great you are. for now though- please don't grow up too fast. your uncle ben & i love you to death.