March 29, 2013

summer's soccer & a tasty treat!

this past thursday night, ben & i joined part of the foltz family to watch summer play soccer. summer is quite the soccer star- she can run fast, kick far, and even scored a goal! she is the cutest seven year old, and is quite athletic for her age. we had great conversation on the ride there, all about her trip to florida, sweat pants, and if our baby will look more like ben or me. summer has a lot of spunk, and is a treat to hang out with. 
collin just got his cast off and was cracking ben & i up with showing us how he could bend his wrist. the silly boy was really just moving his arm!

afterwards, we decided to treat ourselves to some orange leaf. it was ben, jon, collin, summer & i- since marisa and the little's are still in florida. 

i love the two pictures below. the two were spying some of the toppings, and you can see collin reaching for a "sample" below. summer of course is looking eagerly on.

and... caught!
we love to spend time with our sweet family any chance we can get!