March 26, 2013

i learned how to make a granny square

i have always wanted to know how to crochet a "granny square". i'm really not the best when it comes to written instructions, and often get confused before even starting. i have tried to make them on my own a few times, but my attempts always resulted in failure. so here is my weekend story:

ben had all four of his wisdom teeth taken out on friday morning. one of them has causing him major pain, and after a consultation he decided to get all four out in one round. just knock em out as long as you are in there. we deemed the weekend a "relax" weekend, and made no plans. saturday morning i was looking on pinterest and found a link to a youtube video of how to make a granny square  it turned out to be really simple and i was quickly hooked. (ha!)

so, what did i do all weekend while ben was recovering? take a peek...
the top right was my first square ever!
i just can't stop! i am loving making these squares for a few reasons:

1- even though pregnant, we still are child-less and able to dedicate a lot of times to projects. i'm trying to enjoy this time while i can!
2- using up all of my "random" brightly colored yarn makes me feel so great. i am using up my stash, and having a great time with all the bright colors. i'm kinda digging pink and red together these days. 
3- probably the sweetest reason is that it reminds me of my grandma marj, my dad's mom. she was a hard working farmers wife and mother to nine children. even though i do not have that many memories of her, knitting and crocheting was one of them. i love the connection i have with her while sitting still and creating something for my family. my parent's still have a granny square blanket in thailand that she made. what a treasure.

i currently have 16 squares completed, and will just keep going until the size feels right. once finished, i will most definitely post pictures. this crochet beginner is just too excited to not show the progress!