March 8, 2013

popcorn, a love affair

just as a warning, this post is super random. 

popcorn is my absolute favorite snack, ever. the history behind my love affair with popcorn dates back to my childhood, specifically sunday evenings as a family. our family was big on eating out after church sunday morning, so we typically were still full from lunch and made popcorn for dinner. we often completed the experience with a family movie. it became a family tradition, and ever since then- popcorn is my go to for snacking. 

my ideal popcorn experience is popped over the stove with our popcorn popper, salted as soon as it is done. occasionally i enjoy lemon squeezed onto my popcorn, but salt typically hits the spot. i am not a butter person when it comes to popcorn, and can't stand movie theatre buttered popcorn. yuck. 
now i'm going to enjoy a bowl of fresh popcorn!