March 28, 2011

girls weekend: food, friends, & board games!

 What a great weekend! A few of us girls from the Institute took the weekend off & went to the Lake of the Ozarks! It was so relaxing to be away from Branson, & so fun to get to know some amazing girls better. Sweet Andrea opened up her grandmother's lake house to us all & we are so thankful.

It also worked out perfectly with Ben, because he was in Memphis for the weekend with some of his good friends. It was fun missing him!

The weather was the only downfall of the weekend. This whole past week was sunny & warm in Branson, so we were all bummed at the dreary 30s & 40s that welcomed us. Here was our view from the house:
Then.... it began to SNOW! I tried so hard to capture the intense snow session. Snow flakes just don't show up so well with my camera. 
Of course we had to play Settlers of Catan, and even played "The Game of Things" later after dinner. I just love board games: inexpensive, endless amounts of fun & memories. 
 Here is the snow update later in the afternoon, brrr!
 Chef Andrea made the greatest pasta for us. Loved the shrimpn& her grandma's angel noodles! :)
 The next morning we made a full-blown breakfast feast: pancakes, pineapple, bacon, coffee, and orange juice.
Here is all of us in our "lazy sunday" loveliness. 
Such a great weekend! Thanks girls for the memories!