August 22, 2013

a peek into the nursery

since we are currently living in an apartment, ruby kay's nursery is shared with our guest bedroom. there are many pros to living in a small space- keeping all our baby supplies in one place (pacifiers, changing station, hair bows, etc), being able to hear her cry when i am in another room, and living like a minimalist. 
we had such a fun time putting ruby kay's room together before she came and tried to keep everything gender neutral. people often would ask what our nursery "theme" was- and my only answer was navy, yellow, gray, and red. i think ruby kay fits so well into her nursery now that she is here. some of my favorite parts of her nursery are:
-the pom pom cluster made by my baby shower hostesses originally for the shower, now on display for ruby kay to admire from her crib
-the books on the shelf from my work's "book shower" they threw for me. it was hard to choose from all the great books ruby kay has!
-the homemade quilt i made for "baby seiler" before i knew that she was ruby kay
-my diy elephant mobile
-the sweet print gifted to us right after ruby kay was born with all her birth details
and now to show the star of our show: miss ruby kay, herself! i love how tiny she looks in her big bed. she is such a sweet girl, and i'm so proud to be her mama.


Samantha Barnes said...

love it!!

Kara's Domestic Life said...

so cute! i love that it's gender neutral, but not just beige.