September 1, 2013

ruby kay & the arkansas razorbacks!

this past saturday we took ruby kay to her first razorback tailgate! it was sunny and hot, but we still enjoyed our quick visit. our secret to success with bringing a newborn tailgating were: parking at a friends house who lived close to the game, sonic drinks, bringing ruby kay's nina, only carrying a light diaper bag, and staying for only a bit over an hour. ruby kay's daddy sure loves football, so the best part was enjoying it alongside him.
family picture!
proud daddy with his girl
this little lady was such a trooper during our little visit. ben actually went to the game, and we went home and enjoyed nap in the nice, cold air conditioning. as the weather cools off, we may actually stay for a game! and just as a side note, does anyone notice a sweet little girl getting chubbier? i think we'll keep her! 

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