July 6, 2014

a day in nashville

after spending the day in nashville, i'm hooked. it has the perfect blend of local flavor, and still feels like a small town. we stayed in brentwood, and made multiple trips into the city, which only took 15 minutes tops. since we were only in nashville for a short time, we decided to try as many fun restaurants as possible. we did, and our secret was taking it easy on the big meals, and opting for appetizers or sharing meals. 
 we visited the frothy monkey for breakfast, and enjoyed our "julia". ben's grandmothers name is julia, so he was partial to begin with.

 tourists for the day
 after some down town, we ventured out into the city again. the Parthenon was recreated in 1897 for the tennessee centennial exposition in nashville, and is a full-scale replica. our little girl seemed itty bitty next to the huge columns.
downtown nashville was quite fun too. we enjoyed walking up and down broadway, and braved the sidewalks with a stroller. we took a few videos, and hopefully will compile them later.
 mike's ice cream made me miss ruby kay's papa.
the ryman, or "the carnegie hall of the south" was such a beautiful, historic building.
here is a silly video that we made to remember our evening in nashville. enjoy!
nashville, we hope to see you soon!

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