June 25, 2014

visiting kennesaw mountain's battlefield

we are currently in the atlanta, georgia area, and visited kennesaw mountain's national battlefield. ben loves history, and especially loved visiting this battlefield because his great, great grandpa wiley ellison fought there in the 3rd tennessee Infantry during the civil war.

we took a short tour through the museum, and enjoyed catching up on our civil war history. 
 downtown atl in the distance, but mostly hidden by the fog.
ben and ruby kay next to one of the four confederate cannons on top of kennesaw mountain. kennesaw mountain was one of the last holds of the confederate union, before the north could reach atlanta. 
south facing view on kennesaw mountain. downtown atlanta is on the horizon here also. This shows how the federal army took atlanta. wiley was apart of the blue troop movement.
according to the park ranger, at the far west side of the confederate line to protect the mountain, and atlanta, was kolb's farm. this is the area that wiley's unit would have fought. 

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