July 21, 2013

ruby kay visits the farmers market

family of three!
this past saturday we braved the farmers market with some good friends of ours. my recovery from my c-section has gone really well, and have been ready to show ruby kay our favorite things to do in fayetteville. the weather here has been really hot lately, so we attempted to go early in the morning to avoid the heat. our kind friends greeted us with breakfast from ricks (my favorite!). we enjoyed an easy going morning at the farmers market just walking around and catching up with our friends.
each day gets better with our sweet ruby kay. she is such an easy baby, and we just love her. i already feel sentimental about her growing up, and find myself just staring at her and all of her expressions. i get so excited for her to get bigger and more interactive with us, but then i don't ever want her to grow up and want her to stay teeny tiny forever (she is still in newborn clothes, and her 0-3 month onesies are so baggy on her)! we have so much to look forward to- but also so much to enjoy now!

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