July 4, 2013

fayetteville farmers market

since my mom arrived, we have been on a strict schedule- enjoy time together, and prepare for baby seiler's big arrival! on saturday we took my mom to our local farmers market to get a good walk in and to enjoy our fun town. 

here are a few pictures from our morning together. the fun thing about my mom is that she too has a blog, and did a very similar post here: http://mikeandjudy.blogspot.com/2013/07/farmers-market.html
an almost 40 week baby bump!
my sweet mom purchased a bouquet of summer flowers in celebration of my last day of work. they are beautiful!
arkansas strawberry lemonade from arsagas
blackberries for a 4th of July pie! 
overall, we had a great time at the farmers market, and hope to bring our sweet baby back once life settles down!

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