July 19, 2013

life with ruby kay

ruby kay is now ten days old. i can hardly believe that we have been parents for ten days! we have enjoyed life with our little one so much. it was so great to have our families here for her birth, and for a few days after. both of our mom's were so giving and servant-hearted. it was so nice to come home and have everything in our house taken care of- all i had to worry about was sweet RK. the past two days i have been on my own with her, and enjoying settling into "normal" life. 

ruby kay is such a sweet baby. she has been sleeping so well (typically only one night feeding), and each day its gets easier being a mama. she loves her pacifier, and nurses well (and often!). she rarely cries and only gets fussy ever so often. even in these short ten days, we already feel like she is changing so much! if you haven't noticed, ruby kay has captured our hearts.


Amanda @ Living in Another Language said...

This post is so sweet. You're baby is adorable and it's easy to see how she's captured your heart!!! It's such a blessing to have had family there for you! How wonderful!


Jennifer Seiler said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! We are so thankful for our family being here- they soon go back to Thailand so we are cherishing this time with them! you get to see your family soon, right?