November 10, 2013

4 months with ruby kay

to our dearest ruby kay,

happy four months of life! you are growing so big, and it makes my mama-heart so happy. you are such a joy, and your personality is starting to shine so bright. you are very lovable- and your happiness is contagious. you are starting to really giggle- and your daddy and i can't help but laugh when you do. you make the best noises, one second you sound like a creaky door and the next you are talking away. your daddy laughs at how you go from laughing to crying within seconds. you can't stay mad for long!

as you have grown, i have become more aware of the words that we use around you. i want you to grow to be humble and confident in who God created you to be. you are so special, and your daddy and i love you so much!

some sweet things to remember from our fourth month with you are:
-how you love to roll over & over & over. you prefer to roll onto your left side, but can roll over onto your right with encouragement. it started with us putting toys next to you, and now you loves to roll over just 'cause. (back to front)
-you enjoy doing push ups while on your tummy, trying to look around to see where the action is.
-you are starting to really recognize voices, especially mine and like to watch me walk around our apartment
-you are starting to laugh on demand really easily. you like it when we bounce you on the bed, tickle your belly and neck, and when we laugh at you. we are still working on peek-a-boo. so far, you are a tad confused by it.
-you still just have the one tooth, but drool all the time. we time your "going out" outfits very carefully. 
-you are nursing very well, and it is getting very quick and convenient. we tired a bottle again, but you didn't take it. you and i are good pals, and are never separated for more than three hours because of this.
-you typically take 2-3 good naps every day. you are still in our room with us but i hope to make the transition to your crib soon. 
-you still love your paci/binkie and we have started using the "mam" brands 0-6 months size. 
-you really enjoy reading and are starting to follow when i point to objects in the books. 
-red is your favorite color, and love watching anything with a red pattern.
-your second cousin, griffin, gave you a blue ball that you love to hold and chew on. you also are starting to play with the blocks from your stacking rings. you also are obsessed with your tails book and the crinkle noises.
ruby kay seiler- your daddy and i love you and are so thankful for you. thinking about last year at this time, you were still our secret, but we were so excited for you to come. now that you are here- you have exceeded our dreams. we love you.

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