August 29, 2014

Ruby Kay visits the Fair

While my parents were in town this past week, we joined them and the Allens for a night at the County Fair. It was Ruby Kay's first official trip to the Fair, and it was so fun to see everything through her eyes. Washington County hosts a good sized fair, and it was especially enjoyable to see all the animals. My parents both grew up participating in 4H, and our little girl may someday too! :)
We took Ruby Kay on the ferris wheel, which was such a nerve-wracking experience! She was pretty fidgety, and couldn't see outside very well. Towards the end of our short ride, I had to hold her tighter because she was getting really restless, which made her fussy. Just one more example of what life is really like with a baby- opposed to what it looks like on the outside. Keeping it real!

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