November 5, 2014

Exploring Little Rock

A few weeks ago, Ben and I spent time in Little Rock for work. On Saturday, we took a break from appointments, and toured the city with our good friends, Daniel and Lauren. They first took us to the Old Mill, which was gorgeous. The opening scene from Gone With the Wind was filmed there, and had unique structures made out of concrete to look like wood, iron, and stone.
This bridge was made completely from concrete, but was so beautiful. I love the reflection of the bridge on the water.
After we visited the Mill, we went to the old State House. After living in Arkansas for the past three years, it was fun to learn more about the beginnings of the State, We also loved the River Market, especially the walking bridges over the Arkansas River.
We are thankful for a fun day exploring with some of our favorite friends. Hope we can repay the favor to them when we are in Stillwater! 

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