May 5, 2011

The Yard Sale Store

I just got back from a visit to "the Yard Sale Store" where I found some very random, but cool things! The sweet old ladies who own the shop told me that their store is great because you can shop there no matter the weather! I hope that someday when I am their age, I am as precious as they are :)

So... As to my purchases. First, I found a really fun frame that we can hopefully put a wedding picture in. I also found an old hershey chocolate tin can similar to one that my Mom had when I was young! I love it! Lastly, I had to get a video tape of "Waterworld". This past weekend I had such a desire to watch this old school movie & joked about it all weekend. Ironically it was on tv the last night but we only caught the second half! So glad the Yard Sale Store had it!! :)

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