April 22, 2013

blog updates & a growing tummy

hello there! i decided to change up the layout of this little blog, and hope you like it. i'm all about simplicity, and wanted this to be easy to look at. also, my "blah" layout from before just needed a change.

i asked ben to take a picture of my belly in this striped dress. i think that the stripes really show off how big baby seiler is getting. after being in the "awkward" pregnancy stage for so long- it's nice to finally sport a very pregnant belly. i still wake up every morning & stare in amazement at my rounding body in front of the mirror.

these days, we are all about baby decisions: cloth diapers vs. disposable, diy crib vs. store bought, natural birth vs. epidural, and baby names. at first nine months felt so long, and now 10 weeks feels so short.