April 27, 2013

our baseball weekend

a few weekends ago, ben & I went to a few baseball games together. ben loves baseball, and since I love him- I enjoy doing what he loves. even though I didn't grow up watching baseball, it's still fun to watch and be a part of. we luckily caught great weather for the games that we went to.
on sunday, we went to the game with one of ben's best friend, and his parents who had come from out of town. we went straight from church to the stadium which was already packed. baseball games are quite popular in Fayetteville-especially since it was such a warm day. 
ben and I are similar and different, all at the same time. ben is my "all-american" boy, and i'm his international traveler. I have been away from thailand so long, that sometimes I feel more american than thai. this summer will mark 7 years since I left thailand for college. it was such a treat travelling to thailand while we were engaged, and I would love to bring our baby back too someday. we both love celebrating our roots, and i think baseball is a great way to enjoy ben.